lion welfare and relief society

Lion Relief and Welfare Society is Lion Group's maneuver to help those in need. The entire Lion Community comes together to contribute to several unparalleled causes for the upliftment of society. LRWS has been doing its fair share of work for many years now and continuously brainstorms on widening its reach in its pursuit of serving society. Whether lending a helping hand to patients with terminal diseases or alleviating illiteracy, LRWS stands by all the worthy causes.

aiding animals

The cow is considered holy in our country. We as a nation acknowledge the right of animals to co-exist in harmony with humankind. Understanding the importance of eco-friendly living and its implementation is the guiding light to sustainable development. Lion Group, for many years, has been proactively rescuing ailing cows and taking care of them in its Gaushala specially designed for their comfort and well-being. As of date, we have rescued and are taking the best possible care of over 200 ailing cows.

for rural livelihood

Lion Group is constantly contributing towards socio-economic upliftment and upscaling the quality of life. And what better way to do that than accentuating female and tribal education. With the help of our community of over 1300 people, we have been doing our bit in strengthening the oppressed sections. We are also extending a fair chance at skill development opportunities to people stationed in rural areas. Lion Group is consistently invested in the promotion and awareness of a healthy lifestyle through the conduct of various sports tournaments and yoga shivirs.

diversity and inclusion

Having its presence in over 23 states, Lion Group respects and has inculcated diversity and inclusion in its processes since its inception. We have cultivated an equitable environment that promotes and celebrates people from all genders, races, nationalities, and sexual orientations. We believe that no idea is just an idea, hence, welcoming any major or minor contribution, presence, and perspective. Our biggest asset is our manpower and ability to sustain relationships with our community that we have achieved by reinforcing and amplifying diversity and inclusion in our practices.

the green drive

Lion Group's green drive is an attempt to make this world a healthier and balanced space. In our endeavour to promote tree plantation, we conduct Jeevan Sanrakshan Yatra every year and distribute saplings to those who vow to take care of those. Thus far, we have distributed and protected over 15 lakh plants. As a token of our appreciation, we also hand over a sapling to all of our residents and customers at our hospitality ventures. As a matter of course, we distribute cloth bags and dona-pattal to promote and educate the rural population on Zero Plastic Waste. Our group CMD fought a long battle to save the Kuno River and emerged victoriously.

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