To feast your eyes on the untamed beauty, SEGPL is offering you an experience of a lifetime right in the heart of India with its newest venture, Narwar Lakefront Resort, nestled in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. Amid the lush forests, exuberant flora and fauna lie an unexplored magical castle built on the ramparts of Madikheda Dam. It's a carefully curated concept to give one an exclusive exposure to a serene ambience and natural elements along with a world-class hospitality experience. There's an exceptional set of services planned for the property. Madhya Pradesh is emerging as a hub for tourist activities, and Lion Group has always been one step ahead to serve society since the dawn of time. Narwar Lakefront Resort is one such step to encourage sustainable and responsible eco-tourism in the state. At Narwar Lakefront Resort, we are motivated to invoke conscientious visitor behaviour, sensitivity and appreciation of local cultures and biodiversity, support for local conservation efforts, sustainable benefits to local communities and educational components for travelers and local communities. Come, dive into the magnificence of Central India with Narwar Lakefront Resort.

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